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I had a horrible flare of eczema on my face from September 2006 to April 2007. I had patches around my mouth, high on my cheeks and above my eyelids.

I have had eczema since I was young and always used elocon to treat it but even with the elocon I couldnt beat the horrible dry itchy patches all over my face.

By December 2006 I was having horrible anxiety attacks and could barely leave the house to go to work, I also have OCD and picking at my face in addition to the eczema made it look like a war zone.

I would try to scrub off the flakes of skin with a hot wash cloth but it was only making it worse.

Finally at the suggestion of my DH, who I sometimes shower with, I started taking cooler showers, I used to just put the hot on full. Around the same time I ran out of body wash and went without soap for about a week.

My skin got about 80% better! I still have some eczema on my back but its in spots i cant reach to put cream.

The most amazing turn around is my face. In addition to the cooler showers and no soap, I no longer scrub my skin till it bleeds, and I use the elocon for itchy spots. I am still working on picking at my face less, but I also stopped using harsh acnce creams and only use tea tree oil now.

I know this was long but hopefully it will be helpful to think about how sometimes things we think we are doing to solve a problem are actually making it worse, and it is important to work with your body to let it heal itself!