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I think you didn't get much response because EVERYONE is DIFFERENT. It's kind of like asking, "what does someone who's in a horrific car accident want?" You know? We don't know what stage this person is, or their personality. If you are talking about "how you might be able to help her," then maybe offer to drive her to chemo, be there for her if she needs a pharmacy run, or if she has kids... maybe if you are a good friend and she trusts you well, you could take her kids for a couple hours to the park or something.

Exactly "what" people want or need going through chemo are individual. You mentioned that people have a meal plan in place to provide dinners... that DEFINITELY made it easier on my wife who was caring for me. Someone gave me something that was special called a "prayer shawl." It's an afghan that goes over your shoulders and is blessed or something. I'm NOT very religious, though I do have Christian values... but she made it and it came with a beautiful card with some scripture, but not overly religious, and a very nice sentiment. And I did/do use it when I went through chemo and now. It helped take the chill off, when I wasn't sweating and overheating! It brought comfort to me, and knowing that she went to the trouble of making it for me, and that it had been blessed and had a special healing power kind of made it comforting to have around my shoulders when I was sick at home.

The other poster mentioned comfortable bright colored socks... it is true the chemo rooms in most places are VERY STERILE AND DRAB. Personally, I don't know about a "bright" color, but certainly one that is warm and calming at the same time would be good.

Other things if she is receiving oxaliplatin (Eloxatin), you can find out from her husband, might be a scarf... again warm and fluffy-- soothing. This particular chemo can cause seizing of the muscles in the throat, for me... it was even breathing slightly cool air...so something to wrap around her neck and breath through would be good too.

Like I said though... there is NO ONE thing that ALL CHEMO PATIENTS must have. It TRULY does vary for everyone. If I were you, I would think about her and her personality, and get or make something that is special from you... a framed list words of encouragement...I just noticed mine hanging on my wall entitled "What Cancer Cannot Do." I posted it at one point... it was written by an anonymous author and I or my wife ??? framed it and hung it on the wall to remind me of ALL the things that Cancer Cannot take from me.

I hope these suggestions help you.:)
Good Luck.