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I need advice - my dad has just undergone his second chemo treatment - Eloxatin in combination w/ the 5-FU-LV. He does not want to eat and had to get fluids through an IV over the weekend after becoming dehydrated. He has lost 40 pounds since diagnosed with stage c colon cancer in July. He looks bad and feels bad most of the time. My biggest worry is that he won't make it through 6 months of chemo with his hardly eating anything, already so early on. He takes pain pills often, and just seems miserable. He is nauseous and says he can "taste," the chemo and doesn't want to eat.

Is this normal? Can he make it with just eating barely anything? He goes to his doctor at MD Anderson this week for his check up, I hope she reads him the riot act about eating.

Thanks for any advice. My dad is in his 60's.