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Hi, has anyone out there heard of the maoi/anti-d called selegiline? It's an old anti-d that is coming out in a transdermal patch called Emsam. If anyone has heard of this drug please reply.
I know this thread is pretty old, but I have heard about this new drug, so I decided to post a reply. I have been following it's status for a while now, but I feel it's taking longer than it needs to for it to be released. It's brand name is EMSAM, and it will come in a form of a patch, and not in a pill form. That way, the same side effects of the MAOI-A pills, especially the drug and food complications, won't exist, because it won't have to go through your stomach, but through your skin. So far, the FDA has approved it, and the company has found someone to commercialize it, but it's taking way too long for it to be available to consumers. According to all of my knowledge, it should be released in "2005." I'm in a big need for this medication, because I have taken a bunch, and none of them work, causing me to believe I'm treatment resistant. I have never tried any MAOI's though, which I hear are much more effective in treating depression, anxiety, etc.. but because of their horrible side effects, they're not that popular. There are a lot of other medications still on trial, and after that they have to be approved by the FDA, which in my opinion takes way longer than it should. I feel that the FDA, the government needs reform in terms of health care, especially in the medicine and therapy areas. Our government doesn't support stem cell research like other countries do, which makes me believe that we'll be far behind the World, almost in terms of everything, including defense. Can't wait for this new patch.