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Hi. has anyone else experience burning like through your veins up arms, back, neck, legs, head rushing through your body during a panic attack?...I cant sleep lay down, constant thoughts and heart palputations.

Mine started 3 days after starting zoloft and xanax. I stopped them. Went to psych hospital with severe depersonalization and burning feeling out my mind for them to prescribe Emsamm patch MAO Inhibitor. THis will take 2 weeks to kick in. Thank god I have a valium in the cabinet. They wont prescribe valium to me, and said all those sleep meds kill your liver.... does this make sense? I am going nuts.
This burning feeling is like a rush going through my veins and unrelated to bowels or cramps, its pure panic. I feel like I am not in my body, and everytime I try to relax, I jump and freak out that I dont know where I am or whats going on around me. I am thinking its PTSD related to all the stress I have been going through. Its catching up to me now. Did anyone hear of emsam? Or the liver excuse? I was so panicked that I asked the dr for valium when she suggested xanax. She marked in my chart that I must be an addict and wouldnt give me valium. I have been dealing with stress for a long time, and recently got bad news and I am going out of my mind..so for me to finally breakdown reach out for help and ask for meds is a big deal. Only for them to turn around and acuse me of being an addict ! now I have no help at all. THe side effects of that emsam are far worse than anything... can worsen panic and I wont take it. I did take a piece of the 1 valium I had, I dont like how I feel on meds, so I hope I can get through this without it.! The psych appt is 2 weeks away !