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Quote from ndb1:
I was recently prescribed Nardil after many other AD's with no success. I have only been on it a week. I have read numerous reports online about Pfizers reformulation of the drug and how it is no longer effective. I had a hard time finding Nardil, becasue no pharmacy carries it. I live in medium size city and I thought this to be odd.

Does anyone have any experience with Nardil before and after late 2003 or anyone on Nardil now that has had success with this AD? This is the last shot for me; I am tired of trying different AD's. I am willing to give a MAOI a try, but if this one is ineffective I would rather switch to another right away.

Thanks for all your help.


I've never taken Nardil but from what I have read over the past few years, it may be the most effective antidepressant out there along with the other MAOI's. It is probably more effective than any antidepressant for anxiety disorders. Supposedly it is also most effective for atypical depression and the dietary restrictions are not as stringent as once thought. The MAOI's are the only class of antidepressants to work on 4 neurontransmitters. I never heard of phizers reformulation of the drug. I dont believe Phizer is the company that brought Nardil to the market. I think it was Glaxso Smith Kline.

Also there has been a reformulation of an MAOI called EMSAM wich contains seligiline. It is a transdermal patch and does not have any dietary restrictions unless the daily dose is above 6mg. I'm not sure how effective it is compared to Nardil. As a last line resort I personally would give the MAOI's a shot. Just be careful with certain types of cheeses and over the counter cold medicines.

good luck