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EMSAM (the recently FDA approved Major Depression Disorder transdermal patch containing the MAOI Selegiline) works on dopamine, as well as some other neurotransmitters when taken at the lower strength, 6mg/24 hour. At the higher strengths (9 mg and 12 mg/24 hours), it also inhibits the break of serotonin and norepinephrine. It's somewhat complex and hard to explain. There are also metabolic by products that make this medication like a stimulant. MAOI's were once avoided for potentially harmful side effects, however, the patch is supposed to be much safer for a number of reasons. I'm not sure if it's being prescribed by general practitioners very much right now, although I hope they'd consider it. I've been wanting to try it. Does anyone else know about it? It's the most recently approved antidepressant and the only one released in years that wasn't one of the "Prozac copycats". It could help those who didn't tolerate or respond well to SSRI/SNRI's/Wellbutrin.