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I've been on MAOI's for 20 years. They have kept me funtioning for the most part. Early on, I had good remission but I stopped (Parnate) when Prozac came out. That was a big mistake. When I returned to Parnate, it only gave me partial relief. I once again found total remission about 9 years ago on oral Selegiline (the drug used now in the Emsam patch). But that only worked for me for about a year and a half. I continue the parnate with minimal success. I could not have made it without the parnate. As for memory loss mentioned, it is true that both depression and some drugs can affect memory. Not everyone is willing to go the route I've gone, but some doctors use Aricept (a drug for Alzheimer's) for patients with depression memory problems and I have used it with great success...I have been tested (neuropsychological testing) twice thru the past 8 years to insure that I do not have Alzheimer's, plus had brain scanning to rule out the diagnosis. The testing results showed my memory problems were related to depression.

Incidentally, the military has been using Aricept and Provigil for a few years now as "smart drugs" to help keep their pilots focused and alert. I cannot quote my source off hand, but if anyone wants it, I will try to look it up.