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I have major GAD, but I also have inattentive ADHD (and dysthymia, sometimes major depression, and seasonal depression, and insomnia). I'm hooked on caffeine. It helps me to be alert, awake, and concentrate. It's incredibly hard to balance paradoxical comorbidities, but very common for someone with ADHD to have all of these disorders and more.

Sometimes I actually find caffeine, especially coffee, soothing. This is most likely because people with ADHD usually have a dopamine deficiency.

Right now I'm taking Xanax for anxiety, Provigil for daytime sleepiness (most likely caused by depression and insomnia, although possibly anxiety as well, since it is physical and emotionally draining to be on edge at all times), and Lunesta for insomnia.

I've gotta find a better long-term plan. My anxiety isn't completely controlled by the medication right now because I'm going through and hugely stressful time. The anxiety is increased by the fact that I'm not properly medicated for my ADHD right now and struggling with school work(although there are claims that Provigil helps, it doesn't help with acute concentration, such as intense studying, memorization, and reading)

The depression is creeping in from the stress, pressure, anxiety, and fatigue (I'm a grad student with 8-12 hours of classes a day, plus enormous amounts of studying to do and huge expectations from my professors and preceptors for internships!). I do the best I can to get some sleep, never pull all-nighters, but still, we're all always verrry tired.

Unfortunately, winter is very much on it's way! It's turned colder here. Should start snowing soon. On my long days of classes, I wake before dawn and leave late at night, so I don't see the sun! Many of our professors use powerpoint presentations, so we sit in darkness for much of the day! My current remedy for this is tanning! (I know many people suggest special light therapy, but I enjoy tanning. It's warm, comforting, makes me look healthier, and gives me a little light therapy, although it's not technically the proper wavelength for therapy).

Luckily, I see my family practitioner in a few days. I need to get things straightened out! I've had poor reactions and many side effects to SSRI's, SNRI's, and Wellbutrin, so those aren't going to be considered by me!

I may ask for more Xanax, possible the XR version since the regular is just not lasting long enough for me! I may ask for a low dose stimulant. I hated Adderall, but there are others. Another option I've thought about is the new antidepressant patch, EMSAM. It's an MAOI, which some stimulating properties and possibly beneficial for ADHD. MAOI's (most docs are afraid of them!) are also used for anxiety, but this particular version may be too stimulating for this effect. Any advice?