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Quote from lancer55w:
i am a MAO respnder only. i have been on parnate or nardil for 25 years+. pfiser has reformulated nardil and there in no more coating and the sulfate makes me ill as i am sulfa allergic. the same with parnate and galaxo. is there anone that can help......................thanks: ::mad:

I don't know a lot about MAOs but isn't Emsam and Selegaline in the same category or at least similar? I thought there were a couple others in that group too. I believe the MAOs hit dopamine, serotonin and NE, You might try combos of other meds to achieve the same effect. So far I've only responded to Adderall which primarily hits dopamine. The side effects are harsh so I'm trying to find a substitute. I've heard good things about Abilify which hits dopamine and serotonin, I'm hoping to try that next. It's an Atypical AP but many think it would be better categorized as an AD. Good luck.