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Things are okauy...rocky, I guess. I'm back in school and behind, but catching up slowly...And talked to my counselor about a 504 Plan. She said it's a really long process and that unless I reallllly wanted it, she wouldn't advise it because my teachers are all pretty understanding about extending deadlines and the like.

As for my Mom, ECT is out because her depression, as it turns out, is situational and not biological so ECT would do squat. Her depression is still there, but there's one more med they want to try. An MAOI Inhibitor called Emsam. Only problem with that would be getting rid of her waterbed as it's a source of heat and the Emsam patch can't touch it...so she's avoiding that one - she loves her waterbed. Inpatient a little way down the road seems most eminent.