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I'd have to go check my calendar as to exactly when I started Lamictal, but I'd say it's been about eight months. I used to cycle ultra-rapidly...we're talking changes from minute to minute. Since the Lamictal kicked in, I honestly cannot recall when I last felt even the slightest swing in mood. My mania is gone, although I do miss it at times, and I can FINALLY say, after five years, that I really don't get depressed anymore. (Could be a result of Lexapro as well)

By the way, I experienced a similar situation with anti-d's. For five years I'd been on probably seven or so different meds, none of which had any effect, one of which landed me in the psych ward (EMSAM patch). Good thing though, because it was there that I was diagnosed BP II.

Good luck and hope for the best...