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I'm almost 54 years old, had an Ablation done over three years ago after severe bleeding, and since have not had a period. This makes me feel confused because I don't know how to tell exactly WHERE I am in Menopause. I was put on Prempro about 7 months ago, which helped, but now the sweating is profuse again. I work in a Bakery. It's warm, I don't exactly "feel" hot, but the sweating just won't stop. Other meds I'm on are Emsam, Xanax, and Ativan (for eczema). I look around, and other people look cool as cucumbers. Oh, yea, I'm also on blood pressure and Cholesterol meds.

Anyone have any suggestions besides seeing my Dr. I have an appt. but not until July 3rd, a long ways off considering.