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Hi AS,

What medications have you tried? I also have been to p docs for many years due to anxiety. I have a very hard time with the side effects of antidepressants and recently have been wondering if I could have mild bipolar. I am on Emsam (antidepressant patch) and Xanax. I would love to increase my Xanax because I have so much anxiety but I won't do it because of the addiction associated with it. I have never in my entire life been without anxiety and I have tried everything. If I am bipolar I think it must be the BP2 or 3 because I have never been psychotic like my husband or with an uncontrollable temper like my son....just anxiety from hell and that is not good for my health and I already have a heart condition. I didn't know not being able to tolerate meds was linked to being bipolar, my doc told me it was because I have anxiety. I am very interested in this BP 2 and 3...there could be a lot of us...not sure. Please do tell me the meds you've tried and the side effects you got. I can do the same if you are interested. I've tried a lot and supposedly I have depression with anxiety but like you I am beginning to wonder.