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Is there a magic pill or potion available that let the evening happen without being sick? lol jk sort of


Yes, That would be called the "MARTINI", LOL jk sort of :D

Oh, My! Sounds like ya need to relax...God knows I can relate! So you're on zero meds right now? I also have a 17 year old...maybe you are in perimenopause as I am? Or maybe all Mom's of 17 year olds have trouble becoming intimate....I can imagine why that woud be, LOL...Stress! Hmmm, my current meds are Emsam, an antidepressant patch..ZERO sexual side effects...so if you can get up the desire your O gasm won't be affexcted, Uh, sorry if this is TMI. I also take Xanax to relax at bedtime and I drink a little Pinot Grigio (white wine) every night....my P dr is aware of this and has no problem with it.

Luvya Eme :wave: