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Goody, that is so great to hear! I have actually heard of the Amen Clinics on another great website and it almost sounds too good to be true and I don't understand why more doctors and hospitals don't use this technology...it's very frustrating. Anyway, I see that you live in NY and I am also from NY. My husband has been struggling for over a year now trying to find the right medications and I'm wondering what location you visited for your daughter? I see the closest clinic seems to be in Virginia. Is that where you went? My husband is going to try Emsam and if that doesn't help, we might seriously want to consider the Amen Clinic.
Hi Goody,

Thanks so much for your response. My husband's current pdoc has diagnosed him as BP II, but I am not completely convinced that my husband is bipolar and I don't think the Pdoc is anymore either. My husband has never had a manic episode but it is possible he's been hypomanic, although that's extremely hard to identify because it looks like normal behavior when hes feeling better. For the past year my husband has suffered heavily from depression, there have been better moments but it always seems to come back down.

I also completely identify with your daughter being a total black and white thinker....my husband is the exact same way. He doesn't see anything in gray, its one way or the other with him. He also sees a tdoc and the tdoc has suggested that maybe he's got some ADD going on as well, but his tdoc doesn't think he's bipolar.

So, in a couple weeks my husband will be trying Emsam and we're going to see how that goes. But I am going to keep the Amen Clinics in the back of my mind. I think my husband would fight the idea and it does seem extreme to travel all that way and pay so much money, but it sounds like its totally worth it to me. We need to find some answers and get my husband better.