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Has anyone used the emsam patch and if so, is it working. I am currently on 12mg. effexor(require little medication) and my doc wants me to try emsam. He will keep me on the effexor until the emsam works. I read this is dangerous, has anyone else done it this way?

Welcome to healthboards. I have been on this site for a long time and during that period I have seen a handful of Emsam path posts and the majority of them are very similar to the question you are asking. I know nothing about them. I would suggest a web search on them and maybe something substantial will show up. I doubt your doctor would put you in harms way by mixing the two meds. Maybe your doctor has seen a good track record with the patches. Most doctors I have seen will either up the dosage of the Effexor or add another similar med on, I take Effexor, Remeron, Wellbutrin for antidepressants plus a couple of additional meds. Any way good luck with your search

take care