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We must all realize that there really is no cure yet, but the alternatives are out there. If you can get the TMS, it is a wonderful way to maintain the health. I understand what you say about the pills. I am on the EMSAM patch, Tegretol, Lamictal, Ambien, Cytomel, Seroquel and klonopin. In addition, I take Ativan when I feel myself going down and starting to get aggitated. It calms me so that I can get to work on getting better. All in all, I take 18 or 19 pills plus the patch each day. These are expensive, but they are just part of my life so that I can be vital. I am so grateful to not be diabetic or have some other illness. Not long ago, my doctor asked me it I wanted to simplify my meds. I guess I looked at him like he was crazy because he started laughing and then almost crying. I think most people do need to simplify meds. Often, I think about it when I have taken one or another combination too close together and I start seeing double because of the liver. The next day, I just make sure to eat more and spread them out. People don't talk enough about ways to manipulate the side effects so that they are decreased.
But I am coming from a different perspective. I have my middle son home from college right now and we think he might have to withdraw from the semester. $20 K a semester...what a side effect to his NOT taking his meds. He was recently diagnosed with depression and anxiety. He's had to quit the soccer program and completely stop drinking. The side effects we feel with theses illnesses must be measured. He wanted to be a typical college kid...fraternity, soccer, scholar, boyfriend, party-goer. It's real life and I am heart-broken by it...for him, for me, for my future grandchildren.

Sorry I sound preachy...I am so stressed out watching my handsome, 6'4" son curled up, shaking and feeling that tomorrow won't come. I am in teaching mode right now, so I apologize. I feel what he is feeling and can't take it away. I know how to be in the dark, he shouldnt have to learn to do this.