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Actually Nardil was going to be my next medication to try. So far, this year I have been on Wellbutrin, Lexapro, Adderall, Metadate, Lexapro and Wellbutrin combined, and now Effexor. I am now in the process of getting off the Effexor, which will take an entire month. None of these medications helped at all. I'm hoping to not experience anything too bad while getting off the Effexor. I've read some really terrible stories about Effexor withdrawal.

A few weeks ago I read how Pifzer changed the formula for Nardil back in 2003 but didn't notify anyone. It wasn't until a lot of people started getting sick and depressed again that this change of formula was revealed. From what I understand the "old" Nardil is no longer available. This "new" nardil is not as effective and has bad side effects. So, I told this to my doctor and now I will be trying Parnate next. The next medication after that will be the Emsam Patch. And after that, ECT, which I'm not sure I will have the nerve to do, even though I am so desparate to rid myself of this never ending numb and dead feeling I have had my entire life.

I'm just curious - what all medications have you tried? Have any of them helped? Are you having any side effects with the Nardil?