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My doctor wants to do a discogram to try to find out which disc cause my problems. However, I´ve since heard that many consider this exam to be sort of "oldfashioned" and not very good as an indicator for surgery.

I have an old fracture (L1) and a mild protrusion to L5-S1-disc, they think that the lower disc is causing the pain and my doctor immediately started talking about surgery if discogram supports this. He mentioned 3 ways: fusion, cushion inside disc (called:??) or a total disc replacement (he showed me a sort of metal proshetic). Big surgery anyway, he said.

I've also read about the Enbrel shots here, which is very interesting. I will ask my doctor about this ofcourse.
BUT, should I be concerned that my doctors only conclusive preop exam seems to be the discogram (+ my symthoms)??
Is it true that it's difficult to make the test objective? That the outcome very much depends on the skills of the performing doctor?

-Compression fracture L1 (stable), may -02
-MRI shows mild protrusion of disc L5-S1
-Extensive PT since after accident -02 has given no real improvement.
-No nerves pinched accordig to many CT:s & MRI:s. Specialist thinks it might
be chemical irritation from leaking disc L5-S1.
-Lots of lumbar backpain, very stiff, flattening lordosis, can't do sports at all,
can't sit or stand too long.