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Hi Beth!

My symptoms are lumbar pain, pain in hips and groin too. Fatigue in backmuscles and can't sit, stand, walk too long.
I have no sciatica.
19 months ago I suffered a fractured L1 in an accident and had a vertical disc herniation @T12-L1. Since then they discvered I also have damage to the L5-S1 disc. It looks like a bulge on MRI and my doctor thinks I have tears in it.
Am currenty waiting for discogram..

They will probably check T12-L1, L4-L5 and 5-S1 then. I pray it's not the T12-L1 that is causing my problems, that is harder to fix (no surgery there).

Treatment options are only surgery according to my doctor, which doesn't make me feel good.. But then, the discogram is yet to be, so maybe he'll change his mind after that.

This laser treatment - can you tell me more?? What's it called? I've heard something about a private doctor in Stockholm who does something with laser (not sure what) but it's supposed to be very new and revolutionery! Might just be hearsay, I have no good source on this. Could you please tell me more?

I am also very scared of surgery. I'm sure ADR is working well on the proper patient (has been done for over 10 years in Europe), I just don't know if that's me. Guess you feel the same?

I'm looking for info everywhere and am trying to sum it all up.
If you have leaking disc and sciatica, have you heard of Enbrel injections? It's an antiinflammatory usually given to reumatic disorders but it also seems to stop the chemically irritating substances that leaks out from the center of your disc.
So if you're only problem is chemically irritated nerves - this could help.
The latest I just heard is that you can use Vibramycin as an indicator to this!
Sounds really strange, since Vibra is a penicillin, but somehow it works.
If you eat a 10 day prescription of Vibra and your backpain gets much better, then it's a sign that you have chemical sciatica (and it has to be a disc that leaks out, not just internal tears. This is because the Vibra goes out in your blood and it will not reach into the disc itself since it lacks bloodsupply).

Every doctor seems to have his/her own opinion about back pain, I've decided to wait until I have the discoresults before I go any further. There´s too many "if´s" right now.

/Kris L.