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I feel bad for you trying to take care of twins with RA. I think the first thing to do is get a definitive diagnosis. You could still have RA without rheumatoid factor. I think after 3 months if a med. isnt working, the doc. will try something else. There are many different meds. out there. I took mtx for a while - it didnt seem to do much. I myself am now taking enbrel which seems to be working pretty good (expensive though.) I have prednisone that I use as needed (5 mg.) during bad times. My doc. is OK with this. I dont take it unless absolutely necessary. I also take 500 mg. naproxen most days and usually by 9 AM I am feeling pretty OK. Not ready for a marathon but get done everything I need to do. Its true though you cannot take pred. indefinitiely. It can cause osteoporosis and worse. I also get some relief from a hot wax machine for the hands. (Softens the skin too!) You may need to get some sort help with the twins. Or at least with the housework. If youre not satisfied with your doctor switch to another. Thats what I had to do. Hope this helps.