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I know exactly what youre going thru. I have been there. Just the other day I called my doctor and told her I was freaking out reading about the side effects of enbrel (thats what I take.) She told me not to read the stuff just throw it out. I have to tell you I feel MUCH better since taking enbrel. I believe it is similar to remicade. And I have to give myself the injections something I never thought I could do. I alrady tried mtx, arava, sulfazamine, and other stuff that didnt help much. I dont have any side effects from enbrel. I dont know if anything will hapen down the road but I dont think so. You have to realize that in this society where everyone wants to sue, if only one person has some side effect it has to be included in the medical info sheet that you get with the medication. I guess its a decision each person must make for themselves, but as my dr. said, untreated rheumatoid arthritis is scary too. You could wind up crippled. You should go for the remicade, I'm betting you will feel so much better. Just keep alert to any weird symptoms and get all the tests that your dr. orders. That way if anything goes wrong, you can just stop the remicade. Oh, and be careful what you read on the internet.