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Hello fellow arthritics,

I have had RA for 18 years. The medication I have taken incldes all the inflammatory options i.e., Voltaren, Motrin and all of the ones that were in existence at the time when I first contracted RA.

I have had both hips and both knees replaced.
The last hip needs to be replaced again. The orthepedic surgeon opted to replace the damaged hip with a bipolar replacement. This hip uses my own socket. It is not classified as a total hip replacement. The recovery time is about as long.

I have also taken Enbrel. My present regime is Remicade. I'm gettig little if any results from that drug. I really had high expectations for both Enbrel and Remicade.

My question is the following:

Has anyone ever tried DMSO?
Or have you heard of anyone that has used it?

I'm looking for informaion on how to use this product. I guess it can't be classified as a drug or a medicine.

I have read a lot about DMSO but nothing specific on how to use it. I've also read that no one that has tried it has ever had any bad side effects.

If nayone has any information on this subject, please post it here.

Good health to all and thanks