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[quote]Originally posted by jane2:
Two of my doctors think Plaquinil would be good for me. I am a little scared of it. I tried it two months ago for 3 days and seemed to get migraines and a rash, but I get those anyway. I agreed to try again, but put it off until now. I was eperimenting with new asthma drugs at the time.

Apparantly, the eye problems are rare. What about skin discoloration? If you get that is it permanent? How about your liver? Quess I am being paranoid. I am just on so many different medications, I fear I will do something terrible to my system.

I don't have severe arthritis, just some strange arthritis-like symptoms. Inflamation of the muscles and connective tissues. Not sure what this means. All new to me. Sure would like to get moving again and am willing to try anything.

Thanks for any help you may offer.

I have been taking Plaquenil for 3 yrs. with no problems. I was diagnosed with RA and Lupus. I have had no vision problems or skin discolorations. Where you tested for both these diseases? Neither disease runs in my family and I was devastated when I was diagnosed. They are still unsure of Lupus (it is very hard to diagnose)-but, I had a MRI done for Rheumatoid Arthritis in my hands (that is eventually where it settled-prior to this, it was all in my knees, shoulders, neck, feet, hands, and wrists). I now take Enbrel (inter-muscular injections twice a week-at $1,020.00 a month-thanks to Health insurance-I pay only $3!!!!!) It is a MIRACLE drug. I was scared to give myself shots-but it is WORTH it!
Take care-
Don't be afraid of plaquenil. You must stick with it for a while to see any results. I've been taking this med. for about 9 months, having tried so many others with serious side effects or no change in my symtoms. Now my bloods look much better, though my pain is the same. I have much more enerfy and feel less "blue" because I can do many of the things I had to stop when the illness was overcoming me. I will also begin enbrel this week in hopes that it will relieve the pain as well. Be brave. Get a visual field test every 6 months to monitor your peripheral vision. I take 400 milligrams at night before bed, so I've eaten dinner and any drowsiness just adds to sleeping a little better.
Good luck.