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Hi Bernie -
I have RA and SLE (plus a whole host of others). You need to consult with a Rheumy about coordinating your meds. A lot of the meds for arthritis can actually inflame your lupus. I'm on Celebrex for the RA (similar to Vioxx). Haven't been on it long enough to note any improvement or impact on my lupus.

The DMARD's (like Enbrel) which are now touted for reversing some of the damage done by arthritis increases ANA's - translation - causes a lupus flare while you're on the meds. There's lots of other things you can take - supplements and exercise - like water aerobics - can really help a lot. Working with a Rheumy is essential for your well-being - it can make all the difference in the world!

keep us posted and good luck