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I'm a newbie to RA (as far as the diagnosis and treatments-about 9 months into therapy now...just starting REMICADE as Enbrel is unavailable)...My symptoms continue to change and are difficult to predict. Any former capacity to project what I can/can't do on a given day is gone. Hopefully this new treatment will help this. I am finding it difficult to be confident of looking for work (laid off last year while on maternity leave from Kodak)...I am a 3D imaging and computer applications and special FX compositor-lotsa keystroking-OYE!)...Although I was in great shape prior to the RA (43, athletic, strong)...the RA has affected my capacity, speed, and strength in all areas, fatigue and meds can slow my thinking or make me forgetful, multi-tasking is and now a former skill...I can only do 2 or 3 things at a time now!...Anyone start a business under these conditions? Curious what work people are doing? What their personal stories and challenges are/were? I amd concerned that in order to truly accomodate my love for the technical work that I did and to deal with my RA...that I cannot go back to a traditional corporate setting. I am looking to start up, but need to get a sense of what may be down the road for me with this illness and ability to function? Have others done this? If so...did you do so because of the RA or just 'cause you wanted a change/wanted to !?

Love to hear from you!