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I am a 54 yo female, and have been treated for RA for 2 1/2 yrs, currently on methotrexate, plaquenil, vioxx & sulfasalazine. I was managing OK for a while, but am getting worse. My rheumy is putting me on Enbrel and I should be getting my first dosage in a couple of days.

My question is this, my doctor has told me to stop all meds except vioxx, and I am terrified that if the Enbrel doesn't work right away, what do I do if my symptoms get worse? I am pretty sure that I am getting some benefit from my current meds. I want to continue my existing meds, especially the methotrexate, until I know that the Enbrel is working for me, but doc says no.

Has anyone else switched meds like this, going from one set of meds one day to a totally different treatment the next day and what was your experience, especially when starting on Enbrel?
From what Ive heard from others on different forums, the Enbrel works rather quickly. Someone said that by their second dose they were feeling much better. If I were you, Id at least try it so that you can hopefully get to feeling better soon!

Good luck!

I agree with Meg - I can't take it b/c I have other problems that it would aggravate but my best pal started it three months ago and raves about it. (I'm so jealous!) She has even stopped taking Celebrex...

For your comfort, discuss with the doctor how long you should "try" Enbrel out for - what the game plan is on how long you should continue if you don't get results, etc.

Good luck and keep us posted.