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Hi there!

I'm 36 and from the UK and have just been diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis. Going to start Methortrexate in a couple of weeks - scared of what I've read about it though!! Is it all bad? How do you feel after your first dose? Does it make most people sick? Sounds really potent.

Has anyone been on Metho and now on Enbrel. What are side effects of Enbrel?

I was on metho for awhile. And it was a god-send at the time. But after awhile my body got used to it and was switched to Imuran. Just wasn't as good. My rhumy didn't seem to want to help me much so I decided to go to big city doctor. She started me on Enbrel. Only been on for 9 weeks but I can see/feel a difference. Even though I stil have good days and bad days...my bad days aren't as severe. I haven't had any side effects from any of these. But everybody is different. And hopefully you won't either.