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I have had psoriatic arthritis, which is closely related to RA, for about 20 years. I've tried many medications. Currently I am on 2.5mg/daily prednisone, 50mg. Imuran and 600mg ibuprofen (up to 4 a day - I only 2 a day). I've taken methotrexate in the past. It was a god-send at first and since it's a chemo drug I thought it was causing my hair to fall out eventually. (I believe now it was due to hormones). Anyway, the rhuemy I was going to didn't seem to want to help me much so I decided to go to a rheumy in a larger city. She started me on Enbrel injections (which was actually made for RA) and after 3 months, am doing much better. I'm almost pain-free. I still continue to take the ibuprofen, prednisone and Imuran but hopefully the latter two will be discontinued at some point. You might ask your doctor about these injections. Good luck!

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Hi MadamKitty, yes, I know firsthand what being too long on prednisone can do to your head. I look back on those days and realize why I almost lost my job - I was throwing telephones, tossing files across the office, screaming "F** this, F** that." Breaking down crying. It's a wonder I'm alive because I was in a habit of careening down the highway in my Camaro at 95 MPH, hanging out the window and giving people the finger and screaming, "FU, you MF!!!!!!!" The pain, the frustration, the depression, fueled by the prednisone, turned me into a balding, rotund, poochfaced MANIAC!

Then the climax. After a fireworks festival in my town, I caught a drunk guy urinating on my husband's truck tires in front of our house. I am a 5'7" woman, weakened from RA which especially affects my hands and wrists, so I have no grip strength. This guy was about 6'2", slender but still a guy. I charged out of my house screeching like a banshee and picked this man up by his shoulders, shook him like a ragdoll and threw him in the bushes. Then I chased him and his wife down the street.

After this mania subsided I sat in my living room, shaking and crying. I had a complete meltdown.

Long story short, doc put me on Methotrexate. I was already on Voltarin and Plaquenil daily. This combination has been working well for me, except my hands and feet started growing synovial tumors. After wrist surgery last September, I was approved for Enbrel after being on a waiting list. I'm doing so well doc has reduced the MTX somewhat.

No, I have not thrown any grown men into the street since that night, and I drive the speed limit and do not engage in road rage and harassment!

I also control pain by working out almost every day to the best of my ability. I've had RA for 9 years - I hope you can get off the antidepressents soon. Pressure your doc to get you on Enbrel or another of the new biologics. Visit this website: [url="http://www.raaccess.com."]www.raaccess.com.[/url] Good luck to you. I feel your pain.