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I posted below with a question about the Enbrel solution. Dawnrise, thanks for the reply.

I have psoriatic arthritis and I just started on Enbrel and will take my third injection this evening (don't know why I do it at night, but I guess I just have more time than in the mornings).

When I started on Enbrel, my Dr. had me stop the MTX as soon as I started the Enbrel. I've noticed a very slight drop off in my condition and my morning stiffness is back a little bit (MTX had almost completely removed my morning stiffness, but I still have a couple of swollen joints we are trying to help with the Enbrel). Obviously, I think this slight drop off in my condition is due to the fact that I've stopped the MTX and am now in a little gap period while I'm waiting for the Enbrel to take effect, but I'm curious as to how long it took Enbrel to take effect in other people. I've heard anywhere from a few days to 2 or 3 months, and I'm sure it varies, but what have people experienced here?

It was gradual for me. After about 3 injections I noticed less morning stiffness in my feet. Then, for some reason, I got very fatigued for 2 weeks but kept up the shots. The fatigue went away and now I never have that awful "dead on my feet" feeling anymore. I have been on it for 7 months now and it keeps getting better. A couple months ago I even started going back to step class and I thought I'd never do that again. I do keep it low and don't do any power moves. Before the Enbrel I couldn't walk more than 20 minutes and now I walk everywhere.

My doc kept me on MTX but has lowered the dose and may lower it yet again. I still take my anti-inflammatory (Voltarin) and Plaquenil. He's afraid of shocking my body out of remission because I had it so severely.