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I just started taking Enbrel (only 2 injections so far) after being on MTX for 4 months (worked ok [30% improvement], but my DR. and I are looking for better results). I'm hopeful that Enbrel will be the answer. So far, I have not felt a single side effect, unlike the MTX where I had occasional headaches and loss of appetite.

My question is about mixing the Enbrel solution. The instructions say that after mixing the solution, there should be no particles and the solution should be completely clear. I mix the solution, give it about 10 "twirls" (not shaking) and let it sit for about 10 minutes. The solution is completely clear and there are no particles, BUT there remains a "foamy" ring around the top of the solution even after 10 minutes. Is this normal? I want to make sure I'm getting all the medication and I didn't expect there to be this foamy ring around the top (it's almost like the foam that's left on the side of a glass after you finish drinking a carbonated drink).

Is this normal, or do I have a bad batch? Since there are no particles in my solution and it remains clear, I think my batch is ok, but I wasn't expecting to see this foamy ring.

Thanks in advance.

I have been using Enbrel since April. I always have a foamy ring at the top. Just make sure you get all the bubbles out of the syringe before injecting. It was awhile before I started to feel any better but when I did I was ecstatic. I was almost pain-free. Although I don't think anyone will be completely pain-free. I had energy to boot. And when I say "was" almost pain-free...I had surgery on the 25th of July and I believe it caused my arthritis to act up again. I've been in quite a bit of pain since then. I'm hoping it's a temporary thing. Anyway, good luck with the injections. I hope they help you as much as they've been helping me.

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As of October, Enbrel is also changing their cruddy needles to new superfine ones. I got a kit from Enliven Services but need to get some private time to watch the video. (Gee, my family doesn't want to gather 'round the VCR to watch a lady injecting herself, I wonder why?) I can't wait because I have been having a problem with the dull needles.

I would suggest you visit [url="http://www.enlivenservices.com"]www.enlivenservices.com[/url] and register. It is a free support source for all Enbrel users. You can call and speak to a registered nurse any time you have trouble with mixing, injections, or any other questions you may have. Good luck with the Enbrel, it took about 3 months but is making a great difference for me.