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Monique, I used Enbrel for a few months. I had a broken joint with arthritis and nerve damage. The Enbrel took care of 10% of the pain, the other 90% being the nerve damage. So you could say the Enbrel was good for all of the arthritis pain. I don't recall all of the info on the package inserts but it was thorough and you should read it carefully and also - as with any medication - be fully informed by your doctor. I think the greatest concern was for upper respiratory infections.
As for the biweekly shots, you may be apprehensive, but after the first one they get to be fairly routine. You can have someone do them for you. I'm the least squeamish in the family so I did mine myself.
Some hints: Give the prescription to the pharmacy a week in advance of refills. Enbrel has a limited shelf life and must be kept refrigerated. They will have to order it ahead of when you'll need it. It came in a box of four doses.

Follow the instructions step by step. I did a few 'dry runs' before doing the first shot. I got an extra box of alcohol wipes to make sure that my fingers where clean. When they say don't shake the bottle, they mean it. Be patient and swirl it slowly to avoid getting it sudsy. Do use the tray/holder for filling the bottle. That will avoid blunting the needle. The needle is very small and very sharp. Rather than being very painful, I usually felt so little that I thought I had some how missed. I did once blunt the tip by touching it to the top of the bottle then it smarted when I used it. The shot is only under a few layers of skin - another reason why it isn't painful. It will make a lump about the size of a marble until it is absorbed. If you have the patience, you can do it a bit at a time over a few minutes. But don't do separate injections.
They instruct you do alternate the area you use. It is true that you won't be able to tell where you did the shot after a day has gone by, but it will turn red if you do near that area within a few weeks. Look at the chart you get and make sure to mark each site as instructed. I'd start with legs. The abdomen is harder to keep still. Arms you will have to have someone else do because you need two hands.
It's going to seem spooky at first, but after a month your biggest complaint will be that it takes over half an hour to do it. I felt results within a few days of the first shot, others have said a few weeks and some results where great.
Hi: Enbrel has been my main source of relief for the past four years or so. I got on this drug as soon as it was available. It helped me so much until my body sort of got used to it. I hope it helps you too.

I am now on Humira and have not seen much effect yet but its been only two weeks. Enbrel helped me after about 2/3 weeks. After a month, I noticed a lot of difference.

Good Luck!
I've also just started on Enbrel (third shot tomorrow). I really have high hopes of this helping because I have been in so much pain from psoriatic arthritis.
I've on Enbrel for 7 months now and I don't know if I feel anything. I don't have much pain now because of my medications. I find that if I miss a dose of my pills ( naproxen, prednisone and methotrexate) I begin to hurt. Enbrel, I don't know if it makes me feel better but my doctor says that it shows on my blood test that I'm improoving. So, yay for that!