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I have been on both mtx and arava. Had fairly good results with both. No side effects. Cant say I felt great but RA didnt get any worse. I stopped mtx because I wanted to be able to drink alcohol. I wanted to stop the arava because I heard it had bad side effects (althouhg I never had any.) Then doc put me on enbrel and its been great. Some days I feel almost normal. I dont beleive you can treat this disease with herbs, diets, etc. although some people claim good results.
Thanks for your feedback. You Americans are lucky having access to Enbrel. In Australia, it is new and not covered by the PBS yet which means you want it, you fund it ($20,000+ per year my doc's tell me). The only way to get it is if your rheumy can prove to some invisible government body in the capital city that you have no alternatives left and are suffering severely (must be 16+ joints - which i have) And even then so far, not one of my specialists requests have been approved so those patients cannot work, live on massive doses of prednisolone and anti-inflams to contol the pain but nothing to stop the disease developing and crippling them even further. Terrible!! So the only people on it here are cashed up Judges etc or patients chosen for the scientific trial. You'd think we were in a third world country huh? I wonder if somehow i could get it shipped from the US?? My Rheumy is going to a conference in the US in Oct on Embrel. She has concerns with it's link to Lymphoma and even MS...heard of that?? but plans to check it out further and let me know...no rush by the look of things here though.
I'm really pleased for you NooYorker that it's working so well. I hope i can get it someday. Decided to give Arava a miss. Too many bad reports on the net of deaths and side effects. Until then Sunday is my first dose of Mtx...I'm scared i'll start glowing in the dark or something...some people have told me they've lost weight on it which wouldn't upset me cause the days i'm able to get to gym are fewer lately due to the pain and stiffness...have to take folic acid tabs too...did you become oversensitive at all to the sun??docs tell me you can still drink 6 glasses of alcohol a week.....that's okay with me too...but i doubt they'd want me to have them all in one night, hey? Plan to give the modified diet a go Kycly...less processed foods in the system can't do any harm. Thanks for your response too. Infact a naturopath did some weird Vega allergy testing on me and told me to steer clear of unfiltered tap water and tomatoes...who knows what to believe and what is just a placebo effect because you expect to feel better. It's all trial and error i guess but i'm comforted by all you guys going through it too which makes me feel less angry with the 'why me?' issue. Thanks again!