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I took methotrexate for a few years. It was a god-send in the beginning. Helped me tremendously. But I also continued to take prednisone and ibuprofen. I never had any side effects from it. But 2-3 years ago I started losing a lot of my hair and told my rheumy about it. Seeing that methotrexate is a chemo drug I could understand why I would think it would do this. So he took me off it and I started Imuran shortly after. I didn't find it to be as effective. Then I started having female problems and then wondered if maybe it was my hormones that caused my hair to fall out. Maybe a combo of both. I just don't know. I am now doing the Enbrel injections. Which have been working well.
Hi all, Just wanted to put my 2 cents in. Had RA for 6 yrs. now. I have come to understand its not going away and my life has changed. But its not that bad. I dont go to work anymore (fortunately husband works.) I actually get to cook decent meals now. Lost 15 lbs. since I stopped working cause I dont sit all day. If I'm feeling decent I work in the garden. We still go out every weekend. Yes, there is some pain but I have the meds to treat that. Anyone with RA should definitelty be seeing a rheumatologist. I too was scared when I started mtx. Terrified actually. But I didnt have one side effect. I only stopped it because I like to have a few drinks. I hear people talking about tylenol, prednisone, vioxx, etc. It is important to understand these are only pain relievers and do not alter the disease. You need to be on a dmard or a biologic therapy also. I take enbrel now which is pretty good. I know it is not available to everyone. I am concerned about long term side effects. But that is why everyone should be under the care of a rheum. if possible, so you can be monitored properly. Its a horrible disease but I suppose it could be worse. Well, we are having lovely weather in NY so I am going out to walk the dog. Best wishes to all.