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I posted this on the pain management board earlier today and have gotten some views but no responses. I figured people from the back and arthritis board visited that board as well so I would just kill all the birds with one stone. Guess not. I am going to post it here and on the arthritis board now in hopes for some information.

ask your rheumatologist about Enbrel. I had horrible joint pain; ankles, knees, fingers...it was very difficult to get around. I do not have kids but I could not imagine having to care for them with all over joint pain. I have psoriatic arthritis and once my rheumatologist put me on Enbrel my joint pain went a way and my psoriasis got soooo much better. I still have it on my scalp but they say that is the hardest to get rid of.

Good luck.

I, too, was put on Enbrel, 50 ml, and my psoriatic arthritis which was moderate to severe vanished within 2 month and my psoriasis has heal on 20 % of my body and the has vanished on 95% of my body. The rest is a white flakly sheen on the knees and faded tanned spots on my legs where there once to be a large patch.

I give myself an inject once a week but the injection are expensive so if you insurance won't cover it and you are not wealthy or have inherited money, well you know what I am saying it is a lot of money; $1,444.45 per week. But it does work for me and for others.

Glad to hear that Enbrel is helping him. these drugs can do wonders when you find the right one.

Hope it keeps helping him. You can develop antibodies to the drugs and they stop working but luckily for him, there are several drugs that affect "TNF"....tumor necrosis factor inhibitors, so he has lots of others to try if Enbrel stops working.

Give him my best.