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Hello again, i've just put the puzzle pieces together and realised you're the same person i'm writing to who's started mtx. I have had RA since May which is mainly in my fingers and wrists. Initially my rheumy told me it was virul arthritis and would go between 3 - 12 months. My bloods are also clear (sero neg) but she seems sure that after such a great response to prednis, and such a bad repeated attack when i went off it, that it is RA and here to stay. Less toxic sulphur based drugs like salazopyrin were tried first and i felt great for a couple of months but then i reacted badly with heart palpatations, burning skin and severe mouth and throat sores. She considered Arava but the mortality rate i read on the net was disturbing and she said it often had a short impact anyway. So here i am on MTX, beginning at 7.5mg plus folic acid. Australia does not yet have drugs such as Enbrel or Renecade available except in exceptional cases requiring ok by the health minister - how backward - or you can fund it at $20 - 40,000 per year. So i'm really relying on mtx to work.I have asked many of your questions to my rheumy too. She told me drinking is ok, 2 glasses a day or a few more would be okay occasionally if consumed 5-6 days after the meds. liver tests will monitor monthly. I was horrified to find out RA can reduce our life span, always saying well it could be worse, i won't die from it. Well i'm told mtx is a disease modifying drug so therefore should help us here if diagnosed early enough. She plans to keep me on this drug if it's working for me for two years and then will withdraw to see if i've gone into remission - here's hoping. She has frequently warned against getting pregnant though so take extreme care here. I have an eight year old girl and five year old boy so that suits me fine. I have also felt miserable and angry in spurts. i think it's a combination of being in pain, accepting we have a disease with no cure, frustration that we can't do things as fast or as easily, feeling old (I'm 35!!) and possibly even the prednis making us go crazy!!?? I'm fine until there is a hiccup then i cry and tantrum and the more i read on the net, the more depressed i get. Then i shake myself off and get on with it. I'm coming to terms with it now and am getting over the why me crap particularly the more you read of others who are suffering for no known reason...but i don't need anymore hurdles. You have a busy workload with twin bubs, very unfair timing, so i wish you all the best in your management plan.