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Most common treatments do depend on severity.
Enbrel, Humira, Kineret and Remicade. The first three are subq injections (injected just under the skin) that can be self administered in the comfort of your home. Remicade has to be infused and requires frequent visits to Md office or infusion center or hospital.
The most common used is enbrel and seems to be working well, specifically with the new option of once weekly injections.
Best of luck to you!


My husband has skipped all the small stuff when it comes to RA and went to Enbrel. This drug is truly one of the medical miracles of the century and can not only treat RA but reverse it in some cases. It goes to the source of the problem, certain receptors in your own body that are causing inflammation to itself. Enbrell turns off this attack on your tissues from your auto immune system and so, reduces the main portion of the condition.

Insist on trying Enbrel. It is expensive, but most insurance companies cover it. Good luck!