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I've been taking Enbrel(50mg) once a week for the last 10 months, with no problems to speak of. However, the last two batches of shots have been more difficult to inject. They seem to get stuck, and are even difficult to pull out.

Has anyone else experienced this? Is it possible the needles have changed?

I haven't noticed a difference, although I haven't been on the Enbrel long. Not quite 2 months, I guess. I have noticed that if I inject in the leg compared to the abdomen, it is harder to inject in the leg than abdomen. Have you changed injection sites recently?
Hi StMishi,

How did it go last night? I'm on a new box of 4, so i'll find out later this week if they are any better than the last batch. I've never had headaches from the Enbrel(or any other side effects that i'm aware of), but have heard that others do. Sometimes it feels like i have no energy, but don't know if it's related.

Good luck with your shots!