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Hi there,

I have had similar issues with the menstrual cycle and similar conflicting answers...so not sure I can help, but I can relate! I am 39 1/2 and have been on MTX for 8 mos at 15mg per week (one pill). I take 2mg Folic Acid per day. I started at 1mg, but had some hair thinning and a few mouth sores, so upped it and that has helped and/or my body has adjusted. The MTX didn't do much for me, so I started Enbrel in July and that kicked in within 2 weeks. Amazing. Then I skipped a period and then had two in one month and then now things are a bit more normal, but not like clockwork as they used to be. Most of the doctors seem to think the drugs have nothing to do with it and it could just be early start of menopause or a fluke. So I am going to keep watch, but not worry about it too much.

Hang in there. I also have had my worst problems with my knees, and I used to do the draining and cortisone, but this Enbrel...it just completely took the swelling out. My old rheumy said the lining of my knee had thickened and the damage was irreversible. I was in pain 24/7 and couldn't bend my knee much, etc. But the Enbrel has made normal things, like sitting and walking and now I can even kneel...95% pain free. I can't run or jump or carry heavy loads (like my 4 year old) without it hurting, but hey, it is a huge improvement!! So finding the right drug is part of it... (I have seronegative RA). Good luck!
Hi Hop,
It was great to read your reply to hear that you did have a problem with your menstrual cycle. I really started thinking maybe this is just coincidence for me. I dont mind going through menopause early i dont mind if i never see the rotten things again but I would rather someone say that it was the menopause rather than medication driven.
I have spondyloarthropathy and AS. I might ask my rheumy about Enbrel I am not sure if they have that out here. He has just put me onto 20mg methx so I guess its just one step at a time. Over four months i have gone from ten to twenty that seemed a bit fast to me but right now i havent had the pain in my leg so i am not going to complain. Do you get a sore throat at all where you have trouble swallowing?
I wish I could take a medication that was like chocolate or maybe even a peach or strawberry... dream on I guess....
Take care
and all the best.
Olivia :)
Hi Lady Olivia,
Good to hear from you. Re: your question about a sore throat and difficulty swallowing, that does happen sometimes to me, but usually associated with a cold (which I catch all the time b/c the Meth and Enbrel suppress the immune system to work...oh and I have a preschooler, that is enough cause there). I also have reflux which goes to my larynx and sinuses (vs feeling heartburn) so that's another reason. I never really thought about it related to the Metho. Hm!
It is just a tough period of time adjusting to the meds and waiting for them to work...trial and error and you start to notice every little thing happening to your body which otherwise we probably wouldn't notice. Hang in there and maybe ask your doc about the sore throat? I'm not sure if that is a side effect.
I hope you get some relief soon and have a great holiday!! :)