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I have a few questions about Enbrel. I was on MXT for 8 months, 10 weeks of injectable, but could not stand the nausea and vomiting. I have seronegitive RA with lots of damage to my wrists, hands and fingers. I just switched to a new rhumatologist, my old doc, who hung in there past retirement age bless his heart, kept such close tabs on me I am not sure if the new one is any good or is it just that I don't like him. The new guy, Dr. K, tested me for TB and when it was negitive he handed me the script for the Enbrel and said he would see me in two months. No instructions on how to inject it. Thank goodness I have no fear of needles and can read instructions. Ok now for the questions. Having been instructed on how to inject MXT IM, I think I am injecting just below the skin but how do I know for sure? How deep does SC go before it is considered IM. This s**t is expensive, I have insurance that pays for it with a $15 co-pay but still I would hate to be wasting it. And is it supposed to sting that much? I do not allow my son to be around when I inject for fear of swearing. How about follow up blood tests? With MXT there was blood work at least once a month, once a week in the beginning, no checking for things on Enbrel?
Here in Northwest Ohio we have a severe shortage of rhumatologists, we are down to 7. Two are not taking new patients and 2 I have already tried and hate. The new one is at the medical college, excuse me the Medical University and was hard to get into but I just think he is lazy. He lets the med student handle the exam and just comes in for 3 or 4 minutes and signs the scripts. His nurse seems overworked or maybe she just doesn't care about anything and the rest of the office is shared with several other specialties so it is hard to get answers from anyone.
I just did my second injection today, I am on 50 mg once a week, so I don't know if I am doing it right or if it is going to work. So far no reactions, not even a site reaction, or side effects. I am thinking positive and would love to hear from others also on Enbrel.
Thanks, Bobbie
my rheum recommended me remicade - similar to enbrel -but it's an infusion, which takes 2 hours. at less someone will help me with the injection, and monitor me for 2 hours.

i always thought that enbrel, and remicade is "free" - the government subsidise it - or maybe we are from different countries.

check out some past posts here in this site on enbrel.
Hey Jimmy,
Boy are we from different countries if your meds are free. I am from the good ole US of A and they don't pay for anything but war. Don't get me started on that one. Here 4 shots of Enbrel are over 1 thou, without insurance I would not be on this stuff. I have no idea how much Remicade cost but my insurance does not cover it but I don't mind taking one shot a week I just wish I had a doc who I had faith in.
Thanks and good luck with Remicade. Bobbie

1. You should be able to ask the nurse at your doctor's office for a lesson in injecting Enbrel. My doctor recommended it and had me set up an appt before using it. They can tell you exactly how to do it. If they refuse for some reason, call the Enbrel Enliven Services, they have an 800 number and a nurse on call to talk to most any time about anything to do with Enbrel. They are really helpful.

2. You should have bloodwork done every month. That is important.

I do 50 mg once a week too. I inject very slowly, if it starts to sting, I slow down and then proceed when it stops. Be sure to wait for the alcohol to dry before starting and if it feels like it is going to hurt when you first start, it probably is going to, so I pull out and find another spot.

Good luck. I had great results after 2 weeks. I too have had similar frustrations with limited rheumatologists and feeling like you are falling thru the cracks sometimes. Just stay on them like you are... unfortunately we kind of have to be responsible for our own health care...weird but true.
I too, will be starting enbrel. I have to,have a EGD and Colonoscopy tuesday, so i am waiting until after to start. I have had allergic reactions to meds so i am going to take it at the hospital for safety reasons. But am hoping it will be a good start to get back some of my life. I have heard it is a good drug for AS. And am truely crossing my fingers. You should call the enbrel 800# I am sure they can help you and reasure you about your ?'s. Hope you have a good response and keep us informed on your progress.
I have probably used about 3 months worth of Enbrel, but have been off of it for a month now because of a sinus infection that was treated but my fever hasn't gone away yet. I've noticed that it does sting if you inject quickly. I learned that if you inject very very slowly it really doesn't sting at all. I'm supposed to get blood tests done every 2-3 months. For me, Enbrel was a great drug. My pain was usually like an 8-9 before starting the enbrel, after about 2-2.5 months my pain levels were down to about a 1 on a scale of 0-10!!! It really can take time for you to feel the full effect of enbrel. The rheumatologist that prescribed it told me that it can take 3 months before you feel the full effect. I suggest that if you have any questions or problems with the enbrel that you call the enliven services number and talk to the nurses. I've called once or twice and they are very nice. They have also called me once or twice just to see how I was doing on the enbrel and if I had any questions. I hope this medication works wonders for you!
just checking in to see how we all going with the enbrel - did you see any physical improvements? like, more flexibility with your joints?

i am still waiting for my remicade to be approved.]

just like to know, before you guys embark on this decision to have those anti - TNFs, weren't you worry about the possibility of having lymphoma? in "theory", because those drugs bind to those inflammortory agents, your immunity would be low....

i suppose, right now, it's more about getting better, and able to work again .
I was on Enbrel for 4 weeks then off for one week because the local pharmacy ordered it wrong or something. Evidently it has to be shipped directly form the manufacture and I am the only person at this pharmacy that is on it and they are not use to ordering it. Now I know to order it after the third shot.
But yes it was working! I felt so good I spent two weeks cooking and baking. I had almost no morning stiffness and the swelling in my one inflamed joint went down. Since I missed a week I started being stiff a couple of days ago. I also have a mild cold and a sinus infection. And the weather here in NW Ohio is wet and cold, that always makes me hurt more. I am hoping to be feeling better again in a couple of weeks, I hope, I hope.
Thanks for all the suggestions and help. Bobbie
Just popping in - does enbrel helps alot to anyone using it?