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Can anyone tell me which medicine they feel is best between Enbrel and Remicade? I just had my TB test and it's negative and I go next Tuesday to talk to my rheumatologist about Remicade because I start on that in January. I was on Enbrel in 2001 but had to stop because I had a hip replacement. I also couldn't tell that much of a difference but i was only on it for about a month or two. Anyone with advice please let me know.
i've decided to choose remicade - that's because it's an infusion which the nurse do it for it and monitor you for 2 hours. my nurse said the initial process takes long, just to see whether i have any side-effects.

as for enbrel, it's an injection which you have to take it yourself. i hate the idea of injection without anyone monitoring me.

so how was your hip replacement? did you see any improvemnet after the surgery?

i'm just too scared of the surgery because of my age - i don't want to take that high chance.