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Kathy, I think the shot your Dr. is talking about is likly Enbrel (sp?). It is new and was originally used for Rheumatory arthritis and is now the "new" drug for many things. As you mentioned, there are a lot of side affects that can happen, but I do know 2 people on it who swear by it. 1 of them told me that everything else had failed and he thought it was try the med. or nothing else would work...so he gave it a try and it has helped him.

I also have Osteoporosis and Fibro. along with Osteoarthritis and other spin problems. (I am also 42 and feel like Im 90. Everytime I see my Dr. I tell him that and he smiles and says, "but you dont look it". He tries hard to keep my spirits up:) ). Any way, I have a TENs unit that really helps with the inflammation. If the inflammation is really bad (both on the inside and the outside) I hook up the TENs unit for 45 mins., get my 2 large square iced gel packs and put one on each side of the back of my recliner (using a towel between the ice and my back) and sit there and relax. I have tried all kinds of anti-inflamatories and have not found anything that works in that area. There are some days I have to "ice" myself down multiple times in a day.

Have you thought about looking for a new Dr. who would tend to your needs a little bit better than the one you have now? Or, if you like your Dr. for other reasons, could you fax a 1 page queationaire to them and ask that the Dr. or nurse fill it out and fax it back to you. I have done that and it seems to work like a charm. The nurse will call me back and answer all my questions w/in a day or two.

Good luck and keep us posted.

Lorie :angel: