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To Bardda1
I read your post and thought how wonderful I had such a great dr. who was both rheumatologist for me and also took care of everything. I first saw him when in hosp. for blood clots. I told him how I ached and was so sore and tired. Right away after listening he suggested gold shots. All of this was over 30 yrs ago and I was 40. He said I could have fibromylitis or whatever it was back then and now is known to be fibromyalgia and also had RA. I took gold shots until had bad reaction. They helped. Never no matter what I said about how I felt did he act like I was crazy. I would say I was crazy and he would disagree. He was the greatest. I had various symptoms...indentations in my body, sores in my mouth, headaches, insomnia, tired beyond words, too tired I told my son to open my eyes. Only recently did my sed rate go up but the doctor I first saw who retired and the one I now see both said sed rate isn't all the story. It is what they see and what I tell them. I have taken Methotrexate, Remicaide, and last Enbrel. Metho. I was allergic to and Remicaide helped but not like Enbrel. Not a whole lot but did help. I now have a lung infection called MAC and can't take any of those meds. I am on mainly pain pills. Fortunately both my rheumatologists I have had do not think they are bad. I have taken pain pills for 30 years and believe me I am not a dope addict. I function on them and don't take if not need even though I take what you should take each and every day. The things you describe are similar to my symptoms and may to some sound weird but believe me I have heard from others and know that you get many weird symptoms. The pain is unbelievable with both RA and Fibro. Also being so sore and tired. First thing I advise anyone is to see a Rheumatologist and wait to see one that people have recommended highly. I know with telling others this that is true. Some wait for the one I recommend and are really satisfied. Others take what ever they can get first and are usually disappointed. Hoping you the best. Bootsy