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My rheumy is getting ready to put me on either Enbrel, Humeria, or Remicade. He has sent me literature on all 3, but I am not sure which of the 3 is best. They all have side effects that I really don't want to chance, but my RA is getting worse and I know I have to do something. Can anyone give me some advice on which one is a good one to start with. I am currently on Arava and Methotrexate and am not getting the results I need. Lots of inflammation in my body. Have been up and down on Prednisone, but I am so ready to get off of it.

Would love to feel like a 46 year old again.
I have heard people have great results on all three. I take Methotrexate (15 mg week) and after some months, we added in Enbrel (50 mg injection per week). I don't mind doing the injection, I just go slowly and it doesn't hurt that much. Enbrel worked great for me, within 2 weeks my RA symptoms were dissipating, my energy came back and after a while, I was virtually pain-free. But then I started getting sick all the time--from November until now, it has been one thing after the next and I have to stop taking the Enbrel when I get put on an antibiotic, since the Enbrel works by supressing the immune system (theoretically you get could get really sick if you stayed on the meds when you are sick.). That said, I have now been off Enbrel more than on it and have a bad flare in my knees which is such a bummer. I am thinking of asking my doctor about Remicade, since you infuse it every 8 weeks. Then if you get sick, at least the RA symptoms would be controlled for that period of time so you are not sick and with RA at the same time....!! I have a friend who is early 40's like me and she loves Remicade. It works great for her, with Methotrexate, and she rarely if ever gets sick (and has 3 young kids too). I think these drugs can work really well, it's just like everyone has said...balance quality of life and keep trying until you find a drug that works for you. Good luck. Oh, the other thing to check is to be sure your insurance covers each drug. My insurance only covered Enbrel and Humira, but not Remicade....so maybe I will not be able to try that after all, come to think of it.