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My Dr. Gave Me Medication Yesterday For Sore Throat And I Presume I Am To Go Off Enbrel Until Infection Is Gone. My Question Is How Long Before The Pain Returns From Ra Because Shot Has Stopped And Do You Just Resume Shot When Infection Is Gone?? No One Seems To Be Very Specific About This So I Am Confused. If Medication Takes Sore Throat Away As I Presume It Will In About A Week - Can I Restart Shot Next Week. Can Someone Who Has Been Thru This Please Give Me Some Advice?? Thanks

I have the exact same question but my problem is sinus infection, my second since starting on Enbrel 10 weeks ago. My RA dr. said two weeks ago, when I saw him last, I was to go off the Enbrel if I get another sinus infection, which I promptly did, but he didn't say for how long. When I asked if going on and off the stuff constantly would hurt the treatment he just kinda shrugged his shoulders. The guy is a flaming idiot and I would not trust him to treat my dog. He is good for scripts but that is it. And quite frankly Wes1212, your advise was about as worthless as my frelling dr's. I'm skipping two doses and hoping for the best unless I hear different from someone with more experience.
I can only tell you that from MY experience, I was off for 3 weeks once for bronchitis and Idid have some pain come back, but not to the extent I had before the Enbrel.
Did you get any answers from your doctor?
I get similar "answers" from my doctor, truly I don't think they know--no one really seems to have all the answers for these diseases since there isn't a cure and the immune system is very complex.
I have had 3 sinus infections, 2 ear infections, several colds and stomach flu twice since November and each time I am on an antibiotic, I am told to stop the Enbrel. At first, my doctor would let me start the Enbrel again about halfway through the course of my antibiotics. Then it moved to about 3/4 of the way through and then when I got sick again, he had me wait until I was completely through with the antibiotics. Some of my RA symptoms came back, but taking large quantities of ibuprofen and going to bed earlier seemed to handle it. I would be well for about 3-4 days and then I would come down with something else... Anyway, I have now only had 2 doses of Enbrel (50mg each time) in 8 weeks (and probably only about 4 doses since November) and I have had a bad flare in my knees, the worst pain and swelling since my RA started 2 years ago. I informed my rheumy that I am going to my ENT doctor soon to see if there are any structural changes or reasons why I keep getting ear/sinus infections...my rheumy agreed this was a good idea and if there are no structural problems, my rheumy will consider that the illnesses are medecine-related and suppressing my immune system too much (even though my blood work says my white counts are fine). I don't know what we will do at that point. My GP is sort of at a loss as well. I also take Methotrexate (15mg/week) and it seems since I've been off Enbrel more than on it this winter, that maybe that is a problem too? I thought being sick was worse than the RA until I got this flare...I decided to take my Enbrel again even though I still have 3 more days of antibiotics...we'll see. I guess it just continues to be a bit of a guessing game and I think you do have to take some responsibility for persevering with your doctors for answers and being the one in charge of your health. I am not happy with that answer either, but that is as much as I have figured out so far. Maybe someone with more experience can help out here. I am not a very patient person, but I am trying to learn to be.
Good luck. :wave: