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I have pain in both of my hips. It gets realy bad that I can't move wither hip. I always have to sleep on my back because my hips are so tender. I just had my first visit with a rheumatologist in May and he ordered some x-rays. The lady taking the x-ray had to take the one of my left hip(worse one) 4 times. She said that she could not get the joint space open. What ever that means. I got a feeling that there is joint damage there. I will have to wait until I go back to the doctor in August to get the results. I will also be starting Enbrel then and I hope that it will work. I also have RA in my hands, wrists, elbows, shoulders, hips, knees, ankles, feet, jaw and rib area. Lately I am also getting pain and stiffness in my neck. I hope this stops spreading soon. Hope you find some relief soon.