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Dear M, I have an form of arthritis similar to RA, called "spondyloarthropathy." Basically, it is an arthritis of the tendons and ligaments. However, in my lumbar spine I have DDD and one bulging disc, and I seem to have fluid build up in facet joints, L-4/L-5. So, I am on medications for my arthritis (prenisone, Enbrel, voltarin), and I have done injections/RFA. Glucosamine is a good idea since my situation is a mixture of osteo and inflammatory arthritis. I had a MRI done last summer before my radiofrequency lesioning procedure, which showed these things. I, too, have found exercise helpful. I have been to lots of PT and have a home excersise program. Part of my frustration has been my inability to do a lot of walking, because of bad knee problems(a whole other story). But, I do do aquatic exercises in my hot tub. I am just so frustrated to get this tailbone pain on top of everything else! My doctor gave me Ultram for the pain, but I hate to take it. I could only take it at night anyway, because during the day I take care of my 4 great kids! Anyway, thanks for listening-I appreciate your imput. Kera