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Hi there. I've just been diagnosed with RA. I've been suffering for over a year with on again/off again pain and stiffness - mostly in my hands but also my knee. It got worse in the past few months and I finally decided to see someone about it. I first went to an orthopedist, figuring it was some form of arthritis of the bone but after Xrays he said there was nothing structurally wrong with my hand. That made no sense since I still had pain. I went to my internist who drew blood and told me my rheumatoid factor and sedimentation rate were kind of high and he recommended that I see a rheumatologist. When I did, his exam first ruled out Lupus and he said that based on my reactions to his exam and my answers to his questions, it sounded like RA but he was going to do blood tests first. I was put on a low dose of Prednisone for 3 weeks which helped the pain but it's not something I can take long term. I'll have to decide on one of the RA medications (like Humira or Enbrel) to take from now on.

Bob, I agree with Wannabe that you should see another rheumatologist because your story sounds a lot like mine, except for the age (I'm 47). If it IS RA, it needs to be treated to stop the progression of the joint damage.

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