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Humira is a Biologic drug that I self inject every 2 weeks for RA. Quote: "Biologics are drugs derived from living organisms and are designed to either inhibit or supplement a specific component of the immune system called cytokines. These cytokines play a pivotal role in either fueling or suppressing inflammation (a key component in several forms of arthritis such as rheumatoid arthritis and psoriatic arthritis)."

"Enbrel, Humira and Remicade inhibit a cytokine called tumor necrosis factor or TNF."

"What makes these drugs so different from other drugs used to treat RA that modify the immune system is that biologics affect a specific component of the immune system, not the entire immune system. Thus, these drugs theoretically have fewer side effects." But they still do have side effects, sometimes very serious due to the fact that they suppress the immune system. So if you get infections you will probably have to refrain from the medicines until you are well. Do a search on Humira and read about it. I know they have to tell you all the scary side effects that most of the time are rare, but you have to weigh them against the quality of life you are leading with RA. For me it has meant back to near normal life. I still have my days of flares, but nothing like I used to.

The injection is not bad at all. The medicine burns a little going in.

Talk to your doctor and he should be able to give you information on any of the biologics.